Perfect Cooling with with Propane – 22.09.2016 2016 Secop Technology Roadshow in China

The 2016 Secop Technology Roadshow stopped off in Hefei, Nanjing and Kunming this summer. At the roadshow, we exchanged cutting-edge information and R&D achievements with equipment manufacturers and experts in light commercial refrigeration, household refrigeration and DC refrigeration.

Themed, “Perfect Cooling with Propane”, the Kunming stop on 1 September was co-sponsored by the Chinese Association of Refrigeration and Secop. During this roadshow, Mr Peter Hansen, Head of Secop Global Application and Ms Yanwen Zeng, Market Development Manager, explained the application and development trend of natural refrigerants.

They shared a global overview of the application of natural refrigerants in light commercial refrigeration equipment, and explained the EU F-gas Regulation, Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) of EPA, and alternatives to HCFCs recommended by China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection. They also exchanged ideas with all the representatives on energy efficiency standards for refrigeration equipment in the countries and regions.

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturers are important end users of light commercial refrigeration equipment. Their strategic planning on the application of hydrocarbon refrigerants was also one of the topics of the Kunming Stop.

Ms He Li, Application Manager of Secop, explained Secop’s solutions of environment-friendly refrigerants, and roadmap of new product and technology development, including energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions such as DELTA, DLE, NLE, SCE, as well as variable frequency control technology such as DLV, NLV, SLV.

In reference to the abundant industry information and product models, Ms He Li summarised, “Secop prepares its product development strategy based on customers and their demands: firstly, to develop ultra energy-efficient products based on current platforms to increase cooling capacity; meanwhile, to design environmentally friendly refrigerant compressor solutions that suit the global market (power systems and operating conditions); and then, to expand these solutions to variable frequency technology and provide various speed control modes."

Mr Congfei Wang, Deputy Secretary General of Chinese Association of Refrigeration, spoke at the Kunming Stop. Professor Gang Yan from Xi’an Jiaotong University was also in attendance and delivered a speech entitled “A discussion about the influence of light commercial refrigeration equipment's refrigeration cycle on energy efficiency”. Mr Qiang Gao from Hangzhou Sanhua Micro-channel Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd. also delivered a speech about the application of micro-channel heat exchangers in environmentally friendly refrigerant systems, including the advantages and prospect of micro-channel heat exchangers, as well as the latest developments in the relevant applications and key technologies.

The 2016 Secop Technology Roadshow started in Hefei Meiling Co.,Ltd. on 7 June. Its second roadshow was held in Chuangwei Electronic Appliance (Nanjing) Industrial Park on 7 July. Focusing on application specialists in the three strategic markets, Secop shared representatives with product knowledge and areas of applications for compressors in light commercial refrigeration, household refrigeration and DC refrigeration.

About Secop Compressors (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
Changed from Danfoss Refrigeration Equipments (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Secop Compressors (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. which located in Wuqing, China, is a 100% daughter company of Secop GmbH. With 500 dedicated employees it supplies international qualified compressors and refrigeration solutions directly to the Chinese market as well as to the European customers via Secop’s logistic hub in Slovakia. In the meantime, it is opening up interesting opportunities for the business and ‘Setting the Standard’ in a promising market.