The Original from Secop Austria – 20.05.2015 A New Generation of Secop KAPPA Compressors

A new Generation of KAPPA Compressors. The Original from Secop Austria
The well-known and very reliable KAPPA compressors in new and improved versions are already in production since beginning of 2015. Being the fifth generation of both types – HZK and HXK – the compressors offer optimum efficiency and a highly competitive cost structure.
The KAPPA series has, generation after generation, been the one to measure up to in the household refrigeration industry. Continuously improved, the series continues to be recognized for its energy efficiency levels, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Low on noise. High on COP benefits
The new KAPPA generation, and its different types, has undergone several changes in order to sustain renowned advantages. One of the key issues has been further lowering the noise levels, which have been reduced with up to 2 dB(A) in single frequencies and up to 1dB(A) overall.
Moreover, technical product modifications and process improvements have increased the overall COP up to 5%.

HZK and HXK. Better efficiency and more cost effective
The different HZK types now deliver a new and higher efficiency level and they come, as usual, with a very competitive cost structure. It is also noteworthy that existing refrigeration appliances, which use older KAPPA compressors, do not need to change the electrical equipment by switching to the new generation.
The new HXK types stand out by being more cost effective than ever before. For the first time a displacement of 8.7 cm3 was added to the KAPPA series to better match our customers´ applications.

With this fifth generation of the Secop KAPPA series, we are improving compressor efficiency, once more, providing a pleasant sound with the benefit in cost for a sustainable future.