Secop Launches the BD Nano Automotive Compressor – 06.03.2024 BD Nano Automotive Compressor BDN45F-A

The Perfect Cooling Solution for Automotive Refrigerators with a New Dedicated Electronic Control Unit

The compressor BDN45F-A from the new BD Nano-Series is optimized for R134a/R1234yf refrigerants and offers premium cooling performance, high efficiency, and low noise and vibration levels in a compact design. The latest version of the BD Nano platform comes with a new electronic control unit that is dedicated to cooling solutions for automotive applications such as refrigerators for passenger cars, both electric cars and with internal combustion engines, trucks, and buses.

A Dedicated Electronic Control Unit for Automotive Applications

The BD Nano Automotive version is controlled by a new-generation electronic controller unit (ECU) and thus offers users a wide range of electronic interface functions. The ECU can be configured using an easy-to-deploy Modbus interface with industry-standard LIN hardware. It has been designed as a universal, easy-to-use, and feature-rich compressor controller, with increased functionality provided by Secop’s free Tool4Cool software, an application that allows for even more customized programming.

Key features include a wide-range input for DC power supply, extended operating envelopes, full battery protection, integrated and configurable electronic thermostat functionality, variable speed control of the compressor, adjustable speed suppression to prevent cabinet resonances, and easy-to-optimize parameters to ensure a sustainable cooling source.

The BD Nano is Perfect for Passenger Cars Thanks to a Compact, Efficient, and Silent Design

The BD Nano has a height of 93 mm [3.66 inches] and weighs only 1.5 kilograms [3.3 lbs], making it perfect for small car refrigerators by maximizing space for food and drinks. Its efficiency (COP) can reach up to 1.53 W/W [5.22 Btu/Wh] (ASHRAE LBP). The result is low energy consumption, extended battery life, and an optimized total cost of ownership.

At 58.7W [200 Btu/h] (ASHRAE LBP), the cooling capacity of the compact Nano continues to push the envelope since the temperature pull-down is fast and thus quickly cools refrigerator contents.

Improved acoustic comfort for noise-sensitive applications means it is more silent than the BD Micro (-6 dB/A), the predecessor of the BD Nano and the current benchmark in the car cooling solution market segment.

Proven Robustness and Low Electromagnetic Interference

Another strength of the BD Nano is its reliability. It complies with the ISO16750 standard on reduced knocking noise, vibration, and improved transport stability. The Nano’s controller also takes electromagnetic sensitive applications into account by featuring low interference (EMI CISPR25 Level 5) designed for controlled emissions and protection against external sources.

Produced in IATF16949-Certified Plant, Perfect for a Wide Range of Applications in the Automotive Industry

The BD Nano compressor can be used in more than just passenger cars, it’s also perfect in trucks, buses, recreational vehicles, and boats. The Nano is manufactured at the Secop’s plant in Tianjin, China. This state-of-the-art facility has been IATF16949-certified since December 2023 and complies with the strict standards of the automotive industry.

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