Secop BD Micro Compressor

Inch Connector Variants Are Now Available – 30.04.2013 BD1.4F-VSD (Variable Speed Drive) Covers the Whole LBP-MBP-HBP Application Range

Secop´s BD1.4F-VSD (Variable Speed Drive) is 60% smaller than previous models and weighs in at only 2.3 kilograms. Perfect for 10-20 litre in-car/van/boat cabinets or portable boxes that need to fit into tight spaces without compromising storage space.

Extended endurance and wear tests have proven that this small powerhouse can also work under HBP conditions. The compressor is able to cover the whole LBP/MBP/HBP application range. In addition variants with inch connectors are available too.

Please visit our BD-Micro pages for additional information and download the latest technical literature.