Technology Case Studies at ATMOsphere Europe 2019 – 25.10.2019 Best Practices for Food Service Applications

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Transforming HFC to Future Green Technology, Food Service Applications
A journey into future green technologies by Peter Michael Hansen,
VP of Global Application, Secop.

Propane (R290) offers higher cooling speed and efficiency, as well as better running costs for light commercial applications. Secop's variable speed technology will be of benefit to OEMs and end users in obtaining extreme energy savings and total cost of ownership savings.
Secop can support its customers with an optimised approach when changing to natural refrigerants and variable speed technology. With new high accuracy data simulation and hundreds of proven records Secop can fulfill different customer requirements (e.g. various energy ratings) much faster. 

  • Changing the freezer to natural refrigerants upon regulations
  • Improving energy efficiency to fulfill energy level
  • Reducing the total cost of ownership
  • Providing better value to end users
  • Ensuring freezer robustness & reliability

Secop Commercial Refrigeration Case Study
Transforming HFC to Future Green Technology