The Release Is Planned During April 2016 – 09.02.2016 Change from Steel to Copper Connectors for the Light Commercial Segment

We are pleased to announce that Secop will introduce a change in the material of the compressor connectors. The following series will be affected: T, N, D and S. The copper plated steel connectors will be replaced with full copper connectors. The sealing of the compressor will be done with rubber plugs.

One of the main improvements is the ease of brazing (refer to Secop technical literature for guideline). No special tool will be needed for removal of sealing (rubber plugs). The length, inner diameter and the position of the connectors will remain unchanged.

The release is planned during April 2016.

Update: For a limited period of time beginning on the 15th of January 2016, Secop will be marking pallets of compressors that have copper plated steal connectors with an extra white label. All pallets of compressors with the new copper connector will be marked with an extra green label.

Refer to our Product Bulletin for detailed information.