Peter Pellegrini – Deputy Prime Minister for Investments and Informatization – 27.02.2017 Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Visits Secop s.r.o.

Bratislava, January 23, 2017 - The Deputy Prime Minister for Investments and Informatization of the Slovak Republic Peter Pellegrini today discussed with the students of the Secondary technical school in Zlaté Moravce about the protection of privacy and security on the Internet. The constant need for new employees confirmed during the visit of the company Secop s.r.o., the largest and also one of the most successful employers in the region, producing state-of-the-art compressors with new technology. He discussed the current problem of the region and the possibilities of the solution at a meeting with Mayors.

Secop, s.r.o. offers long-term good, stable and solid work as well as position for families, while the average wage, without including management wages, far exceeds the national average wage. "I appreciate how you work directly with schools without the use of brokerage agencies," said Peter Pellegrini.

The Secondary Technical School focuses on the education of students in engineering and electrotechnics and actively cooperates with their future employers. Its strong point is the dual system of education, theoretical teaching at school and practical training from the 1st year in the chosen enterprise, with which the student has concluded a learning agreement. "Both meetings have confirmed that dual education graduates are qualified professionals and are perfectly prepared for the needs of the employer," concluded Peter Pellegrini.

Source: Úrad podpredsedu vlády SR pre investície a informatizáciu