Secop KAPPA Compressor

Leading the Industry – 05.05.2016 KAPPA Compressors – Setting New Standards for 15 Years

The KAPPA series is one of Secop’s core product families in the household market. May 5th 2016 marks the 15th anniversary of the creation of this compressor, a short timeline can be found below:

Project start 1995 in ECC (Electrolux Compressor Companies) with the goal: “from isolated product development towards holistic design approach” for the new product platform with integration of customers, suppliers, universities, state, federal and community as well as works council and all employees.

1999: The KAPPA compressor won the “Engineering Excellence Award” in Stockholm, which was one of the first awards, and many others followed.

5th May 2001: Official start and opening of KAPPA production line, as well as the start of serial production and first delivery to customers.

5th May 2016: As of today, 42 million pieces of the KAPPA compressors have been produced in Austria. Therefore, our KAPPA platform is one of the world’s most successful product platforms in the compressor business.