MN13UVULTM and MS18UVULTM Medical Variable-Speed ULT Compressors – 28.03.2024 Medical Compressors and Condensing Units for Ultra-Low Temperature Cooling

Secop has developed new electronic controlled ultra-low temperature compressors and condensing units for medical applications. Significantly more efficient and with additional features for the next generation of medical cold chain cabinets.

MN13UVULTM and MS18UVULTM medical variable-speed compressors come with innovative modular multi-voltage controllers featuring speed control through Adaptive Energy Optimization (AEO), frequency signal, or serial communication. These multi-voltage controller can be used for all voltages and frequencies globally. The new MP controllers features improved robustness and safety: fire-proof IP54 housing,
PCB coating, galvanic isolated I/Os, and SW safety layers.

A cascade condensing unit solution using two MS18UVULTM medical variable-speed compressors for the low stage (R170) and high stage (R290) maximizes the performance of ULT systems while offering minimal consumption and maximum robustness.