New Version Features Numerous Improvements – 19.07.2022 New Secop Gateway 105N9518

Secop to introduce a worthy successor to the industry proven Secop Gateway.

Secop electronics were historically equipped with a proprietary communication interface. Recent electronics feature an industry standard LIN hardware interface.

The new periphery cables feature ease of use optimizations for a quick start directly out of the box, i.e. factory-made Y-connectors on spades.

The new gateway will support both. New Secop Gateways will be available from Q4/2022.


  • LIN compliant communication interface
  • Auto-adjustment of voltage levels to ensure stable communication
  • Secop proprietary/LIN detecting and automatic switching
  • Improved formfactor for easier handling
  • Future-proof USB Type C upstream port
  • Standard periphery connector for easily adapting to future devices