101N0420 Replacing 101N0400 and 101N0410 – 18.03.2016 New Solar Electronic Unit for Secop BD Compressors

New Solar Electronic Unit (101N0420) for Secop BD35F/K DC Compressors
Secop is now offering the successor of 101N0400 and 101N0410 Solar electronic units for our BD35F and BD35K compressors in an upgraded version. To keep up with future trends and regulation requirements within the DC segment Secop has upgraded the existing electronic to keep the BD35F/K units ready for future market demands.

Besides upgraded board components, the new electronic unit 101N0420 will be much more flexible due to the added communication interface. This enables functions like error and event logging, electronic thermostats (NTC) and ECO functionality. The new start algorithm enables successful starts with less solar power available. Significantly improved electronic efficiency helps to improve the overall COP and allowed us to remove the heat sink. Combined with reduced standby consumption and improved EMI performance, today’s as well as tomorrow’s requirements are met.

The new electronic unit will cover the whole voltage range from 10V to 45V, so it can replace both predecessors with only one new unit. The fan output will be regulated to constant 12V, so the fan performance will be constant and independant of the solar voltage.

The new electronic unit will have the same form, fit and function and is of course backwards compatible (except the fan voltage) making a smooth upgrade to your application feasible. Please refer to the latest Product Bulletins and Electronic Units Instructions for more information about electronic units.

The updated Quick Reference BD Direct Current Compressors for 12/24/48 V features a complete overview of all possible compressor/electronic unit combinations and their applications.