Extremely Small / Extremely Efficient / Extremely Light / Extremely Flexible – 03.07.2014 New XV8.0KX Delivers a High COP Even at Low Speeds

Intelligently combining an extremely small size with extremes in high performance, the Secop XV compressor pioneers the global demands for innovation, efficiency and sustainability.

The new XV8.0KX already delivers a high COP and is extremely efficient even at low speeds. Furthermore, XV compressors are HST capable; they have a wide voltage range (160-264 V at 50/60 Hz) and can operate in refrigerators and freezers in regions with an unstable voltage supply.

The new attached electronic unit (XV-AEO/Freq.) for the XV is even more compact than the detached version and can be run from a normal thermostat. It also has a frequency signal and a Modbus input.