13 February 2018, Tokyo, Japan – 12.02.2018 Nidec GA Compressors at ATMOsphere Japan 2018

Nidec GA Compressors (formerly Secop), a global expert in advanced compressor technologies using hydrocarbon refrigerants, will support and sponsor ATMOsphere  Japan, ATMOsphere  America, ATMOsphere Europe and ATMOsphere China in 2018.

ATMOsphere - Interactive workshops bringing together decision makers from industry and government to change the future of natural refrigerants.

The 6th ATMOsphere Japan conference will be held on 13 February 2018 in Tokyo, one day before Japan’s largest retail exhibition, the Supermarket Tradeshow.

With so many recent developments in the Japanese HVAC&R market, the 2018 ATMO Japan will be more relevant than ever.

The event will once again be the platform to discuss global and Japanese market trends in the HVAC&R sector with government representatives, end users, domestic and foreign manufacturers and other experts, offering great networking opportunities with key industry leaders.

“We are extremely excited about the upcoming ATMOsphere Japan. After the deregulation of CO2, promising the return of subsidy schemes for retail and food manufacturing and improved awareness in general, the situation in the market has never been more promising for natural refrigerants,” said shecco Japan Managing Director Jan Dusek.

One of the conference’s most important topics will be the recent regulatory announcement by Japan’s High Pressure Safety Institute (KHK) regarding the reclassification of CO2, which represents a monumental shift for CO2 regulation in the country and opens the door to significantly wider adoption of larger CO2 systems in commercial and industrial applications.

Other highlights of the programme include:

  • Growing momentum for hydrocarbons in light commercial refrigeration;
  • Ongoing growth of CO2 transcritical systems in small stores;
  • Growth of NH3/ CO2 and CO2 transcritical systems in industrial applications, and;
  • Update on subsidies from the Japanese government

“We look forward to working with domestic and global refrigeration experts and facilitating the exchange of know-how and ideas between Japan and the rest of the world. We are confident ATMOsphere Japan will play a key positive role and will contribute to doing more business with sustainable HVAC&R solutions in Japan,” said Dusek.

The event will take place in the Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa, a flexible and innovative space that will help solidify ATMOsphere Japan as the business platform for everything natural refrigerants.

Technology Cases Studies - Commercial Applications:
Benefits of hydrocarbon refrigerants and variable speed compressors in light commercial applications (Peter Michael Hansen, Nidec GA Compressors)


About Nidec Global Appliance (GA) Compressors (formerly Secop)
Nidec Global Appliance (GA) Compressors is a leading compressor manufacturer committed to developing and supporting technologies and products that promote energy efficiency. The company is active in the sectors of household, light commercial and DC-powered refrigeration and has developed a range of compressors which operate with the use of <link solutions natural-refrigerants>hydrocarbons, R600a (isobutane) and R290 (propane). Secop, formerly known as Danfoss Compressors, belonged to the German AURELIUS Group of companies since 2010.
On August 1, 2017, Nidec successfully acquired the German compressor manufacturer Secop.