Latest Manuals Available for Download – 29.04.2022 Operating Instructions for Secop NLV and SLVE Compressors

Secop's Operating Instructions assist the user in the proper installation and application of variable speed compressors and controllers.
The manuals for the NLV and SLVE compressors and the controllers 105N4760, 105N4710, and 105N4730 contain information on:

  • Installation (mechanical and electrical)
  • Speed control (thermostatic operation, defrost control, frequency speed control, DWI and SWI serial communication)
  • Technical data (controller, compressor, performance)

Benefits of Electronically Controlled Compressors

Secop’s variable-speed drive °CCD® controllers (Cool Capacity Drive) make it possible to adjust the refrigeration capacity of the compressor and adapt it to the desired need by controlling the motor speed. The most important advantage of adaptable capacity is not only reduced energy consumption but also a reduced average noise level is possible.

  • Right cooling capacity every time
  • Fast pull-down and half-reload
  • Exact temperature control
  • No high starting current peaks
  • Extended voltage range
  • Lowest noise and vibration
  • Customization and fast diagnosis
  • Multiple compressor protection
  • Wide dynamic speed range

Secop's electronically controlled compressors can be configured with the software Tool4Cool®. This software is a unique PC software tool that enables you to precisely configure your Secop variable-speed compressors to your cooling systems.
Via microprocessor-based controllers, Tool4Cool® gives you easy access to all parameters. These can be changed, monitored, downloaded, or uploaded to get the optimum performance out of your cooling system.