Secop Propane (R290) Compressors

Tailored for Light Commercial LBP/MBP Applications – 25.07.2017 Powerful Efficient R290 SCE Compressors

Secop extends its successful energy-optimized propane (R290) compressors program with new SCE compressors.
A GWP of 3 - achievable with our powerful efficient R290 SCE compressors, designed for LBP/MBP various applications like:

Commercial Freezers, Ice Cream Cabinets, Display Cabinets:
 • SCE15CNLX • R290 • 95-135V • 60Hz
 • SCE18CNLX • R290 • 95-135V • 60Hz

Beverage Coolers, Display Cabinets, Ice Makers:
 • SCE15MNX • R290 • 103-127V • 60Hz
 • SCE18MNX • R290 • 95-135V • 60Hz
 • SCE21MNX • R290 • 198-254V • 50Hz

SCE Benefits:

  • Available for 220-240V/50Hz and 115-127V/60Hz
  • Improved efficiency and higher cooling capacity compared to SC compressors
  • Wider range of applications (LBP and MBP)
  • No changes in installation – Compatible to SC compressors (dimensions & connections)
  • Able to work with hot gas defrost
  • Reduced noise emissions
  • Ready for new refrigerant regulations (R290)
  • Ready for efficiency labelling programs


On March, 25th the organisation committee of China Refrigeration 2017 announced that Secop’s SCE21MNX wins the Innovation Award for 2017.

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