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Multi-Refrigerant Release for Many Compressor Models – 13.05.2020 Release of Alternative Refrigerant R513A for Secop R134a Compressors

Most Secop R134a compressors can be released for operation with R513A.
Intensive verification work with existing compressor types and new refrigerant compositions showed that many compressors can also be released for use with these alternative refrigerants.

Tests to prove chemical compatibility, reliability, cooling performance, and other qualification parameters with the new refrigerants have been run in Secop labs with very good results.

The first data sheets which show differences in performance of both refrigerants are available for download from our Product Selector.
All multi-refrigerant compressors are now approved by the relevant authorities for both refrigerants.

Tests in cooling appliances have shown that adapting the amount of refrigerant charge and the size of capillary tubes is necessary to maintain the current level of the cabinet’s cooling performance when changing from R134a to R513A.
Using the new refrigerant only as a drop-in without additional changes may lead to a lower cooling performance and higher operation pressures.

Data Sheets