Improving Energy Efficiency with Propane Refrigerant – 18.09.2015 Secop 2015 Roadshows in China

With the implementation of the fluorinated gas (F-GAS) regulation and the Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP), the application of more environment-friendly hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants has become the development trend in the refrigeration industry nowadays. The industry has turned its focus to replacing existing refrigerants with propane refrigerants in light commercial refrigeration.

In August 2015, Secop Compressors (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. conducted roadshows in Shanghai, Qingdao and Shunde with the theme “Improving Energy Efficiency with Propane Refrigerant”. During the roadshows, Secop not only shared the latest developments across a range of applications but also aptly communicated these innovations to customers.

Secop invited Dr. Yan Gang, deputy dean of the School of Energy and Power Engineering in Xi’an Jiaotong University, to explain the development and trends, international laws and regulations concerning refrigerants, the features and benefits of propane refrigerants, product replacement, and successful case stories on applying propane refrigerants in light commercial refrigeration equipment.

In light of this trend, the technical application team from Secop also shared Secop’s latest roadmap for product technologies and featured presentations on operating instructions, practical applications and troubleshooting for the light commercial compressors from Secop. The team specially added the introduction of DC-powered compressors to the presentation in Shanghai.

Furthermore, a senior sales manager from AGRAMKOW (Schenck Shanghai Machinery Corp., Ltd.) introduced an overall solution to propane refrigerant charging and safe ventilation as well as advised the customers present on operating refrigerant replacement systems.

For these events, Secop built a platform for customers and experts to enhance communication and resource sharing and improved the confidence in introducing propane products among small and medium-sized OEM customers through extensive presentations. In addition, the latest regulations increased the sense of urgency among the customers.

For some major OEM customers who already had solutions for adapting refrigeration systems to R290 (propane), the presentations helped them to gain more systematic and in-depth understanding in the revamp of production lines.

About Secop Compressors (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
Changed from Danfoss Refrigeration Equipments (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Secop Compressors (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. which located in Wuqing, China, is a 100% daughter company of Secop GmbH. With 500 dedicated employees it supplies international qualified compressors and refrigeration solutions directly to the Chinese market as well as to the European customers via Secop’s logistic hub in Slovakia. In the meantime, it is opening up interesting opportunities for the business and ‘Setting the Standard’ in a promising market.