Laboratory Will Serve the Middle-East Region – 17.04.2020 Secop Analysis Laboratory Turkey

We are proud to inform you that the relocation of Secop’s testing and return analysis laboratory in Turkey (TRS HUB) has opened at their new address. The opening ceremony took place on Tuesday, February 25, 2020. The laboratory will serve the Middle East region.
To maintain the high service level and meet the increasing demand of our customers, the laboratory and offices moved to 175 square meters in the new industrial park in Çorlu which is located 120 km from Istanbul Airport.

TRS HUB has been providing all technical service when it comes to compressors, testing, optimization, new refrigerant technologies, and training of technical staff of our customers since 2016.
First and second level of compressor analysis capability was also added in 2017.

  • First level: testing the customers application incl. measurements
  • Second level: opening the compressor and checking the components and parts inside
  • third level: material/chemical analysis – the laboratory sends material to Secop plants

The new laboratory features increased testing capability, training, meeting, video conference room as well. Full coverage of training needs for our customers on cooling technic, testing, standards, and compressors is now available under one roof.

Laboratories work according to internal specifications which comply with international standards to provide precise measurement and analysis for data-driven decisions. All information is secured and shared with relevant customers in accordance with our privacy policy.

The new facility will also offer quality assurance for the serving area. TRS HUB provides problem analyses of any type of application and compressors to our customers within high quality standards of Secop. In addition, it will also provide closed loop technical service to our customers.
The team is looking forward to helping you unleash your full potential.

Secop Analysis Laboratory Turkey
Hatip Mahallesi, Gündüz Sefası Sokak
F Blok No:10/FB Çorlu-Tekirdağ
Phone: +90 282 673 42 02