Hall 7A | 210, Nuremberg, Germany, 11–13.10.2022 – 21.09.2022 Secop at 2022 Chillventa

Secop to present new innovative green and energy-efficient solutions for AC and DC applications at Booth 210 in Hall 7A at the 2022 Chillventa exhibition.

Secop is the leading provider of cooling solutions for AC and DC applications. It develops solutions for green refrigerants and enhanced energy-optimized systems and will present its range of innovative solutions for commercial, mobile, and medical applications at the 2022 Chillventa exhibition for refrigeration, AC, ventilation, and heat pump specialists.

For AC light commercial applications, Secop developed a reliable and efficient series optimized for R290 commercial use: the KL range. KLF includes a new patented terminal plug for flammable refrigerants that supports robust installations for food and beverage cabinets. Secop will display SLVE18CN, an electronic controlled compressor designed for high-capacity efficient R290 cabinets, capable of replacing fixed-compressors in food retail and food service with premium efficiency performance. To leverage flexibility and connectivity Secop will showcase a new generation of electronic controls for NLV and SLVE, a new modular approach with multiple features to meet system needs even more flexibly. 

For the Mobile Cooling DC battery-driven segment, Secop will introduce a new compressor series: the BD Nano. BD Nano inside reduced dimension offers enhanced cooling capacity, premium efficiency, low noise, and low vibration. A perfect solution for new generation electrical vehicles and efficient portable cooling equipment. Secop will feature a new generation of solar direct drive controllers that offer additional features in combination with BD Nano top performances by leveraging the technology widely installed worldwide with WHO approval.

For its Medical Cold Chain segment, Secop will present the full range of fixed speed and variable speed compressors that are optimized for both medical storage and transportation. Secop has developed an innovative patented solution for mobile ultra-low temperature condensing units. This solution is capable of reaching and guaranteeing down to -86°C even in severe ambient conditions, to support safe and reliable last mile transportation of new generation vaccines.   

For its distribution network, Secop will highlight the new range of R290 condensing unit that is compliant with Ecodesign requirements, assembled with premium components, and is reliable when it comes to offering top performances and quality. To the support digital transformation, Secop will display the new product selector by application, a new digital tool suitable to select the best compressor based on system requirements.