Chongqing International Expo Center – 23.08.2022 Secop at 2022 China Refrigeration Exhibition

Secop presented its innovative and sustainable development concepts along with the achievements, at the 2022 China Refrigeration Exhibition held at Chongqing International Expo Center from August 1–3. On display were Secop’s entire product range and innovative refrigeration solutions for light commercial cooling and mobile cooling applications.
A range of new products launched this year was also featured, including BD Nano, the new generation of mobile cooling compressors; KL-series, the new propane solution for green and efficient cabinets; and medical cold chain dedicated solutions.

BD Nano Wins Innovation Product Award
Thanks to forward-looking technology innovation and excellent product performance, the BD Nano won the “2022 China Refrigeration Exhibition Innovative Products” award. The launch ceremony was held on July 31 in Chongqing, China. Shen Jiangbo, Director of Sales, Marketing & Application of Secop China received the “Innovation Product” award on behalf of Secop.
The award-winning BD Nano is an innovative mobile refrigeration compressor that surpasses the specifications of existing DC products: height 81.5 mm; weight (including controller) 1.5 kg; COP up to 1.7 W/W. The cooling capacity of its 1.4 cc displacement is comparable to that of the 2.0 cc displacement compressor of the same type on the market! It offers customers a more convenient, more environmentally friendly user experience.

Technical Seminar and Industry Training
In the symposium of “The 7th Light Commercial Refrigeration Technology Innovation and Development Forum” held during this exhibition, Dou Koson, Business Development Manager at Secop, gave a speech titled “Innovative Mobile Refrigeration Solutions”, specifically explaining the new DC product platform BD Nano from Secop.
As a leading compressor manufacturer, Secop gave a training presentation on the “Technical Development of Light Commercial Refrigeration Cooling”. Li He, Application Manager of Secop China and Asia-Pacific, shared typical products and applications of light commercial refrigeration cooling.

Customized Services and the No. 1 Choice for Partners
Compact design, high efficiency, and stable reliability are the main strength of Secop hermetic compressors with more than 60 years of a proven track record in quality, market insight, and ongoing innovation. Secop is committed to delivering advanced refrigeration compressors and controls, offering customers tailored sustainable solutions. The company’s goal is to be the first choice for partners looking for leading-edge refrigeration solutions and a premium customer experience.
In the O2C Technology Roadshow area, Secop exhibited products that have won awards for innovative products in recent years, covering light business and mobile refrigeration applications. The relevant leaders of Chinese Association of Refrigeration and the professional audience in the field of light commercial visited Secop’s main booth and showed great interest in Secop’s products.

Green and Low Carbon Emissions, Coupled with a Sound Concept of Sustainability
Industry media “ChinaIOL” was granted an exclusive interview with Shen Jiangbo, Director of Sales, Marketing & Application of Secop China. Shen Jiangbo confirmed that Secop is committed to providing sustainable refrigeration solutions to our customers. The concept of green and low carbon emissions has thus been integrated into our product development and technical services. In the future, Secop will continue to adhere to the sustainable development, achieve more technological breakthroughs,product innovations, and make contributions to the “double carbon” strategy of the refrigeration industry.