Shanghai, May 29–June 1 – 26.05.2023 Secop at 2023 Hotelex Shanghai Exhibition

Secop, the global expert in advanced compressor technologies that use hydrocarbon refrigerants and electronically controlled variable-speed compressors, will present its innovative and sustainable development concepts along with its achievements at the Shanghai International Hospitality Equipment & Food Service Expo (Hotelex Shanghai, Booth No. 4.1B28). The event will be held from May 29 to June 1.

Secop will present the new solutions that target core light commercial application areas, such as food service and food retail. In line with its focus on green and efficient solutions, Secop has developed a range of new products for both fixed-speed drive and electronically controlled compressors.

New electronic control unit: modular solution with additional features for electronically controlled compressors NLV and SLVE

Secop has developed a new range of controllers with a modular SW-HW design for its electronically controlled series NLV and SLVE. These make it possible to plan flexible configurations based on system needs. The solution has been optimized and tested to fit various applications such as food retail and food service as well as light commercial and medical applications.
The MP-Series (Multipurpose Electronic Controller) offers a range of additional features and connectivity options in a multi-voltage design, including GFCI tripping prevention (US). It can control the condenser fan speed and upgrade the software remotely.
The new MP controller features improved robustness and safety: fire-proof IP54 housing, PCB coating, and galvanic isolated I/Os.
The new generation of MP controls has been optimized for hydrocarbon compressors to provide enhanced energy efficiency, improved system performance, and reduced noise.
The next series planned for modular configuration is the XT-Series (Extended). It enhances the MP-variant and is adaptable to specific application needs. Beyond the features of the MP solution, the XT customized solution provides additional features and options that range from multiple temperature sensors, multiple digital/analog I/O, multi-application settings, and a set of optional features.
One of them is the NEXT generation of efficient and effective electronic controllers with a modular SW-HW design developed by Secop that allows flexible configurations based on technical customer needs. The controllers will also offer optimized performance and even more energy efficiency with special attention paid to low GWP HC refrigerants.

SLVE18CN: electronically controlled R290 high-capacity compressor

Thanks to its experience in both R290 green refrigerants and electronically controlled compressors, Secop has developed a new variable-speed compressor with a large capacity, starting from the reliable SC platform and the latest generation of electronic controls. The result is an efficient solution for light commercial applications, both LBP and MBP, such as refrigerators in professional kitchens as well as reach-in merchandisers, display cases, supermarket freezers, and solid door stainless steel. The variable-speed compressor controller features an effective HW/SW combination that offers optimum temperature control with maximum reduction in energy consumption. The new SLVE18CN compressor adds new cooling capacity options to the widely installed NLV12.6CN and achieves more than 2 kW cooling capacity with a COP up to 2.25 (ASHRAE MBP).

The new BD NANO: the smallest and most efficient battery-driven solution

Beyond the widely deployed battery-driven compressor range PL and Micro, adopted by a variety of mobile applications (automotive, trucks, recreational vehicles, boats, portable boxes, medical, solar direct drive, etc.). Secop has also developed an innovative new series of battery-driven compressors: the BD Nano! Available for R600a and R134a/R1234yf refrigerants, the BD Nano series offer enhanced benefits and value to mobile applications: a smaller size can reach premium cooling capacity with low noise and premium efficiency for low battery consumption. The BD Nano offers new degrees of freedom to the design of portable cooling solutions: more space availability, more silent cooling systems, longer battery life, and preservation of the battery life cycle. The new generation controller used in BD Nano has been optimized to offer enhanced connectivity and low EMI. The BD Nano is the perfect solution for the new generation of e-vehicles due to its noiselessness, any type of portable cooling system for recreational use, and healthcare portable cooling solutions for medical cold chain. This is due to its compactness, low energy consumption, and low noise vibration. The BD Nano series is the result of years of experience in battery-driven mobile compressor development.

In recognition of Secop‘s innovative solutions in the refrigeration industry and its philosophy and processes toward innovation, Secop GmbH received the TOP 100 Innovator Award early this year. The award is given annually to companies in Germany that have demonstrated a commitment to developing cutting-edge solutions. The TOP 100 independent and scientific selection process values a company’s overall approach to innovation and not just its innovative products.

We warmly welcome you to visit us at booth number 4.1 B28!