16-17 October 2019, Warsaw, Poland – 15.10.2019 Secop at ATMOsphere Europe 2019

Secop, a global expert in advanced compressor technologies using hydrocarbon refrigerants, will support and sponsor ATMOsphere Europe in 2019.

ATMOsphere - Interactive workshops bringing together decision makers from industry and government to change the future of natural refrigerants.

The 10th annual ATMOsphere Europe is heading to Poland to help connect industry experts with new business opportunities. The conference will be held in Airport Hotel Okecie in Warsaw, Poland on 16-17 October 2019.

The latest natural refrigerant-based HVAC&R solutions will again be in the European spotlight at the conference, with over 50 presentations over the two days. Over 400 key industry experts, including policymakers, manufacturers, end users, NGOs, academics and more will gather to discuss the latest market developments for natural refrigerants, provide updates on regulations and standards, and showcase new technology innovations.

As global action against climate change accelerates, environmentally-friendly solutions that are business-savvy and economical at the same time are of the utmost importance for the HVAC&R industry.

ATMOsphere Europe conference is the European edition of the global ATMOsphere conference series dedicated to natural refrigerants-based technologies, and features tailored content in a multifaceted program.

What makes ATMOsphere conferences different is that it serves as a unique meeting point for all key stakeholders in the HVAC&R industry, and offers a program jam-packed with knowledge and its unparalleled networking opportunities.

ATMOsphere Europe will help technology end users save their businesses money - and help the environment - by serving as a platform to learn about finding the most energy-efficient and sustainable HVAC&R solutions through innovative technology presentations and networking with leading businesses.

ATMOsphere Europe will zoom in on the latest technology developments especially impacted by the growing HFC prices and the forthcoming bans on f-gases with certain GWP levels in stationary refrigeration equipment starting in 2020. The conference will also focus on the barriers in form of standards and building codes preventing or restricting the use of flammable refrigerants, as well as the need for a continued support from public authorities to overcome these.

Future-proofing businesses against possible future national and international regulations with natural refrigerants is another advantage for end users and manufacturers, given the fast-changing regulatory environment as global action against climate change accelerates.

This year’s ATMOsphere Europe conference will bring new and refreshed features enhancing the content, business case and networking aspects with a special emphasis on end user presentations.