January 30 to February 2, 2024, Tokyo – 02.02.2024 Secop at HVAC&R 2024 JAPAN

From January 30 to February 2, Secop joined forces with its local distributor OZ Engineering Incorporation for the HVAC&R JAPAN 2024 (for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) Exhibition in Tokyo.

  • Stationary Cooling: Secop has developed a new generation of electronic controllers with a modular SW-HW design, which allow flexible configurations based on system needs. The controllers are now available for the NLV compressor.
  • Mobile Cooling: Secop’s latest innovation for mobile refrigeration is the new BD Nano compressor which is available for low GWP refrigerants R600a and R1234yf. The BD Nano is extremely compact (40% shorter, 67% lighter in comparison – controller included), and provides the same cooling capacity as much bigger BD35F/50F/35K/50K compressors yet with unrivaled efficiency.
  • Medical Cooling: Secop provides its new medical range (ULT compressors and  ULT condensing units) with several benefits such as enhanced robustness, ultra-low temperature technology, and compatibility with refrigerant Ethan (R170). This makes them the ideal solution for hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, research centers, universities, and the medical industry.

About the HVAC&R Exhibition:
For over half a century since the inauguration of the former Japan Refrigeration Equipment Expo in 1956, HVAC&R JAPAN, more commonly known as HVAC&R, has been popular as the only exhibition of its kind in the HVAC industry of Japan.
This time, under the theme of "Find the future with HVAC&R," the largest HVAC professional trade fair and exhibition will showcase products, systems, and technologies contributing to help solve global environmental issues.