Highly Efficient with Hydrocarbons – Exclusive Interview with Secop CEO in Accelerate Europe Magazine – 07.01.2016 Secop Featured in Accelerate Europe Magazine #1

German compressor maker Secop sees the European acceptance of hydrocarbon compressor applications expanding the market to China and the U.S. While many manufacturers diversify their portfolio of HVAC&R solutions to include a number of refrigerants, Secop has boldly identified hydrocarbons as its refrigerant of choice.

In an interview with Accelerate Europe, Secop CEO Mogens Søholm pointed out that the business case for hydrocarbon equipment makes sense and explains Secop’s strategy.

Read the whole article here (page 62-63):

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About Secop
Secop is a leading compressor manufacturer committed to developing and supporting technologies and products that promote energy efficiency. The company is active in the sectors of household, light commercial and DC-powered refrigeration and has developed a range of compressors which operate with the use of <link products compressor-basics hydrocarbons.html internal link in current>hydrocarbons, R600a (isobutane) and R290 (propane). Secop, formerly known as Danfoss Compressors, belongs to the German AURELIUS Group of companies since 2010.