New Quick Reference Brochure Available for Download – 12.03.2021 Secop Hermetic Variable-Speed Drive Compressors for AC Voltage

Secop has a long track record in energy-efficient and green refrigerants projects with innovative solutions for both compressors and control electronics. We have introduced natural refrigerants already in 1993. Isobutane (R600a) and propane (R290) are eco-friendly refrigerants protecting the environment. In 1998 Secop introduced variable speed drive technology with less energy use.

Our latest brochure Hermetic Variable-Speed Drive Compressors for AC Voltage shows our current DLV, NLV, SLV and SLVE-Series compressors portfolio for R290 at 100-127 V · 208/220-240 V · 50/60 Hz. All compressors are driven by our intelligent variable-speed drive °CCD® controllers partly with automatic input detection and IP54 housing and easy customization via TOOL4COOL®

Secop variable-speed drive compressor motors are electronically controlled. Full load operation is extremely rare in most cooling applications, restricted to a few days per year. This unique technology makes capacity automatically adapt to your actual requirement. The compressor runs at low speed most of the time, minimizing energy consumption.
On top of this, system efficiency is greatly improved thanks to reduced loss when less heat is transferred via the evaporator and condenser.

Altogether, substantial energy savings can be obtained. Secop variable-speed drive compressors are designed for refrigeration systems using the designated refrigerant R290 (propane) with energy savings of up to 40 % compared to a fixed speed R404A compressor.

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