Optimization of the Global Manufacturing Footprint – 04.04.2011 Secop Plans to Consolidate European Production Sites

Pursuant to the activities initiated in 2009 that involved the establishment of a new production site in Wuqing, China, outsourcing of motor and component manufacturing and cease of production in Flensburg, Germany, Secop plans to take a new step in the optimization of the global manufacturing footprint.

The plans encompass the consolidation of Secop’s Slovenian assembly of compressors into the already existing manufacturing facility in Slovakia. The manufacturing of components in Slovenia is planned to continue, but as part of the ongoing outsourcing strategy, Secop will seek to divest this activity to a strategic partner that will be able to utilize synergies with their existing business in this area parallel of being a supplier to Secop.

“This step is taken in order to meet ongoing fierce competition and challenges in the global compressor industry. With this big step we will improve and simplify our European production footprint, and make it sustainable for a number of years”, commented Mogens Soholm, CEO of Secop. He further states, ”We will now in close dialogue with the Union go into detailed planning in order to do our utmost to help and support the affected employees. We believe that seeking a strategic partner for our components manufacturing provides a sustainable perspective to a large number of employees in Crnomelj”.

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