Secop Shanghai Office Opening Marks a Great Future in South China – 06.08.2012 Secop Shanghai Office Opening

With great passion serving customers locally, Secop Compressors (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. officially opened its Shanghai office on July 25th 2012. This significant step forward indicates that Secop has been expanding and enhancing its sales network especially in Central and South China, since it changed ownership from Danfoss to AURELIUS two years ago.

Ms. Liu Shujing, General Manager of Secop China, and Mr. Karl Schmidt-Degen, VP Global Sales, Marketing & Application hosted the Shanghai office opening ceremony. Together with other members of the Secop management team, they welcomed the reception guests including OEM customers, authorized distributors, and key suppliers.

General Manager of Rivacold, Mr. Alessandro Vitri, and Purchasing Manager Mr. Giordano Orazi attended the ceremony and were  impressed by Secop’s excellent performance in many aspects. Mr. Alessandro Vitri said the Shanghai office opening was a perfect opportunity for him to learn more about Secop with its rich heritage and new brand image.

As the delegate from Secop’s first authorized distributor, Mr. Peter Li, sales director of Shanghai Yaozhang Company, recognized that the set up of the Shanghai office marks an important cornerstone of Secop’s directive to secure  direct and fast communication with customers and within Secop even further.

As Secop’s very first footprint in China, the Shanghai office would flexibly enrich its capabilities with comprehensive functions to satisfy customers and to chase opportunities in accordance with market trends, Mr. Schmidt-Degen explained. He stated that the establishment of the Shanghai office would hopefully be followed by prosperous business development in China and even in Asia-Pacific market. He also mentioned Secop would step up to other locations serving and approaching customers when needed.

About Secop
In 2010 the AURELIUS AG which is based in Munich, acquired Danfoss Household Compressors from the Danfoss Group, Denmark. In connection with the new ownership, it changed to Secop GmbH.
Since 1956 Secop with its headquarters situated in Flensburg, Germany, is a global leader providing energy efficient compressor solutions for 3 strategic market segments – Household, Light Commercial, and Mobile – by utilising synergies in technology development and production footprint.
With more than 50 years rich heritage Secop has had a successful presence all over Europe and is looking forward to prospective vision of future globally. It is committed to leading the industry and delivering performance that is standard setting never just standard practice. This is the essence of Secop claimed ‘Setting the Standard’.

About Secop Compressors (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
Changed from Danfoss Refrigeration Equipments (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Secop Compressors (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. which located in Wuqing, China, is a 100% daughter company of Secop GmbH. With 600 dedicated employees it supplies international qualified compressors and refrigeration solutions directly to the Chinese market as well as to the European customers via Secop’s logistic hub in Slovakia. In the meantime, it is opening up interesting opportunities for the business and ‘Setting the Standard’ in a promising market.

For any press related questions find the following contact details below:
Mogens Søholm, President & CEO, Secop
Phone: +49 461 4941 500