Secop Boosts Single Packs Pallet Load – 06.04.2023 Secop Single Pack Boxes

Our new Single Pack boxes feature a new layout with a label that is visible from two sides. Different box sizes are available depending on the compressor platform.

Original Secop Single Packs are available through the Secop authorized distribution network that can be found on our website. Secop recommends the original Secop branded Single Pack to guarantee the quality and reliability you are looking for.

The corrugated cardbox box and its inner corrugated cardboard parts serve as a stable cushion for any product it carries during shipping and handling. It is easy to recycle, biodegradable and therefore sustainable.
The new Single Pack Box design does not contain any EPS (expanded polystyrene). The light weight and flexibility are further advantages of this packaging solution.

Thanks to the new packaging, Secop will be able to increase the volume per pallet of Single Pack compressors to provide a better service to our customers. The load per pallet will be increased from the current 42 units to 56 units to optimize loading with less empty space in containers and trucks while also improving the timing of load preparation in our factories.

Secop Single Packs online selection is possible via our online Product Selector tool. Secop offers more than 500 different Single Pack options, covering all the different market needs across the regions.

For more information please refer to our Product Bulletin.