Product Selector Update – 13.12.2022 Secop Single Packs

Secop has recently released an update of the online Product Selector tool, with a new section dedicated to Single Pack code numbers.
The new section is available in the top part of the Product Selector, next to the “Application”, “Performance”, and “Datasheet” sections.
This makes searches in our database directly using the Single Pack code numbers as well as the bare compressor code numbers possible. Secop offers more than 500 different Single Pack options, covering all the different market needs across the regions.
Users can download a full "Documentation" including Single Pack content, a compressor Data Sheet (technical data and performances), and Instructions (mounting) by clicking on the PDF icon.
Thanks to this new feature, identifying the right Single Pack needed is now faster and easier, thereby improving the customer experience and simplifying the search.
Secop recommends the original Secop branded Single Pack to guarantee the quality and reliability you are looking for.

The original Secop Single Packs are available through the Secop authorized distribution network that can be found here:

Secop Distributors