Application Selector, CapSel and Secop Updates in One App – 30.05.2023 Secop Toolkit

Secop provides digital solutions to facilitate product selections and product support. The new Secop Toolkit provides three features in one App:
the Application Selector, the CapSel, and all Secop Updates.  

The "Application Selector" helps users find the best compressors for specific applications and conditions in only 5 easy steps. Once the market segment, the application type, and size are chosen, the range is narrowed down to only a few compressors that meet the searched requirements. The compressors that result from the research are the best choice based on the data entered.
Secop always recommends contacting our Application Engineering team to select the best compressor.

The Toolkit also provides the Secop capillary tube selection software called “CapSel”. The "CapSel" allows the user to calculate a capillary tube throttling device for a refrigeration system using empirical formulas. Well-designed capillary tubes in a hermetically sealed compressor system can lead to an energy-efficient system, which can be improved by the technology of variable speed compressors.

The latest updates and news about Secop can be found under “Updates”.
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The Secop Toolkit App is now available for devices running on Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android operating systems. Our Android Package (APK) file can be installed manually (depending on your Android OS settings), for example, if you do not have access to Google Play. The Toolkit is also accessible via this URL: