China Refrigeration 2014 – 25.04.2014 Secop Wins Annual Innovation Award for XV Compressor

The 25th China Refrigeration at the Beijing International Exhibition Center was held from April 9 until April 11 2014. During this event Secop has been recognized by the China Refrigeration exhibition expert committee with a 2014 CR Expo Innovation Award, refrigeration equipment category, for its XV compressor.

The Innovation Award is granted to the technology or product that demonstrates innovation and development in the field of cooling. The main principle of evaluation requires that winning product reflects the technological development of the company and was developed by the company itself. For the second time the newest product of Secop won this award, which confirms the company's leading position in advanced compressor technology.

“It is an honor to be recognized in the Innovation Awards competition this year. Our new XV variable capacity compressor is setting new standards when it comes to efficiency and size”, said Mogens Søholm, President & CEO, Secop. “It underscores Secop’s innovative strength and commitment to deliver highly advanced and energy saving products that meet customers and market needs.

The XV compressor, globally launched in 2013, allows additional energy savings in the region of 30-40%, compared with an efficient standard compressor making it a superior environmentally friendly choice. This product also impresses in terms of purchasing criteria such as noise, size or weight: only 32 decibels at the optimal operating point, so it is very quiet, while revolutionary reduced height only 100 mm allows manufacturers of refrigerators increased available cooling capacity. This construction also delivers the weight savings of around 50% compared to standard compressors. The related lower raw material consumption improves the competitive position and generates positive effects throughout the logistics process.

About Secop
In 2010 the AURELIUS AG which is based in Munich, acquired Danfoss Household Compressors from the Danfoss Group, Denmark. In connection with the new ownership, it changed to Secop GmbH. Since 1956 Secop with its headquarters situated in Flensburg, Germany, is a global leader providing energy efficient compressor solutions for 3 strategic application areas – Household, Light Commercial, and Mobile – by utilising synergies in technology development and production footprint.With more than 50 years rich heritage Secop has had a successful presence all over Europe and is looking forward to prospective vision of future globally. It is committed to leading the industry and delivering performance that is standard setting never just standard practice. This is the essence of Secop claimed ‘Setting the Standard’.

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