Powerful LBP and MBP Optimization – 16.12.2021 SLVE18CN Application Studies

Secop’s new SLVE18CN propane variable speed compressor – perfect cooling efficiency, tailormade features, and easy integration. This energy-optimized 18 cc. compressor is the perfect choice for food retail, food storage, and other commercial applications. It comes with our new °CCD® controller featuring speed control through Adaptive Energy Optimization (AEO), frequency signal, or serial communication.
It can operate continuously inside an evaporating temperature range from -45°C to +10°C and can cover the full range of LBP and MBP application conditions.

Key product features

  • Meets Ecodesign requirements and all related safety regulations.
  • Wide cooling range for covering many fixed-speed drive compressor types (helps reduce inventory and logistic complexity)
  • Capable of operating continuously inside the full LBP/MBP operating envelope (evaporating temperature range from -45°C to +10°C)
  • Intelligent electronics-controlled compressor supports all customers’ needs (simple drop-in, frequency control and serial control) with automatic input detection
  • Easy customization via Tool4Cool®
  • High IP protection

Application background
The light commercial refrigeration market is driven by the new energy regulations, such as Ecodesign in Europe and the transition to low GWP refrigerants, like F-gas regulation in EU. This means installations in food retail, food service require more efficient green solutions both in LBP and MBP applications.
Two different applications have been optimized and tested:

  • Study 1: Vertical multideck cooler for supermarket / food retail MBP applications
  • Study 2: Stainless steel freezer for professional / food service LBP application

Results achieved

  • Study 1: Fixed-speed drive compressor 27.8 cc. installed in the original cabinet configuration was replaced by the Secop SLVE18CN R290 VSD 17.7 cc. compressor selected for MBP rating conditions (-6.7°C / 54.4°C) and achieved better cooling performance.
    - Footprint (compressor size): up to -12 %
    - COP: up to +20 %
    - Energy consumption: up to -37 %
    - Pull-down time: -14 %
  • Study 2: SLVE18CN confirmed the capability of covering same cooling capacity in a LBP application of a 27.8 cc. fixed-speed compressor with the following benefits in features and performances.:
    - Footprint (compressor size): -11 %
    - COP: +27 %
    - Energy consumption: -25 %

The SLVE18CN compressor showed strong benefits in improving performance and energy savings for both applications. The SLVE18CN solution offers a fast payback which is shorter than 2 months thanks to direct electricity savings. It offers the opportunity to upgrade larger food retail and food service LBP and MBP cabinets to a higher energy level. Being a green solution with premium controller features the SLVE18CN offers all the benefits for further system optimization and control.

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