New Secop Controllers Available in 2023 – 12.12.2022 Solar Direct Drive and Next-Generation Modular Electronic Controllers

New Electronic Control Units: Modular solution with additional features for electronically controlled compressors NLV and SLVE
Secop has developed a new range of controllers with a modular SW-HW design for its electronically controlled series NLV and SLVE. These make it possible to plan flexible configurations based on system needs. The solution has been optimized and tested to fit various food retail, food service, medical, and other light commercial applications.
The MP-Series (Multi-Purpose Electronic Controller) offers a range of additional features and connectivity options in a multi-voltage design, including GFCI tripping prevention (US). It can control the condenser fan speed and upgrades software remotely.
The new MP controller features improved robustness and safety: fire-proof IP54 housing, PCB coating, optical isolated I / Os, and SW safety monitor layers. The new generation of MP controls has been optimized for hydrocarbon compressors to provide enhanced energy efficiency, improved system performance, and reduced noise.
The next series planned for modular configuration is the XT-Series (Extended). It enhances the MP-variant and is adaptable to specific application needs. Beyond the features of the MP solution, the XT customized solution provides additional features and options that range from multiple temperature sensors, multiple digital / analog I / O, multi-application settings, and a set of optional features.

SDD: New generation of solar direct drive controls for BD Nano
SDD technology uses solar power to drive cooling systems in remote areas not connected to the grid. Secop, the leading supplier of solar direct drive solutions, has developed a new generation of SDD controllers optimized for the new BD Nano-Series.
The new controller has been improved to better operate with photovoltaic panels and offers additional features such as power input management to extend running time, operation in unstable AC grids (voltage fluctuations), photovoltaic (PV) or solar panels, peak power point tracking functionality, and 24 VDC / 30 W output for external devices (heater, USB charger, etc.).
The new control includes connectivity options, a communication interface with Tool4Cool, and can upgrade solar direct drive systems to optimize the use of photovoltaic energy in remote applications.