Tailored for Vaccine Refrigerators – 17.06.2024 Solar Direct Drive and Weak Grid Power Management System

Secop Launches the new Solar Direct Drive and Weak Grid Power Management System. Secop, the leading supplier of solar direct drive solutions, has developed a new generation of SDD controllers optimized for the new BD Nano-Series and especially the medical variant MB3CKV. 

The Perfect Choice for Photovoltaic Solar Panel Supply and Unstable AC Grids

The new generation of the SDD Power Management Module has been specifically optimized for use with new solar direct drive systems. Designed to be connected to both photovoltaic panels of AC grids with unstable fluctuations, it also features a wide AC input range between 85 V and 264 V as well as a DC input that is optimized for widely diffused PV panels up to 72 cells. An additional 24 V DC output is suitable for data loggers, monitoring devices, USB chargers and external auxiliaries. A communication interface for master controllers and data loggers allows users to take full control over the application. This module can be easily monitored with the Secop Tool4Cool® app.
The new SDD Power Management Module has been designed in combination with the new BD Nano MB3CKV compressor and offers premium cooling performance with excellent efficiency. It is the perfect choice for off-grid and weak-grid vaccine refrigerators, solar off-grid coolers and freezers, and ice bank refrigerators.

Tailored to WHO PQS Specifications

The new SDD Power Management Module is tailored to the WHO PQS specifications and meets the requirements for solar direct drive as well as those for wide range und unstable power grids and weak installations. This means vaccine refrigerator manufacturers satisfy the latest voltage stabilization requirements.


  • SDD Power Management Module (101N3110)
  • MB3CKV Compressor (109M0860)
  • Solar 1 Controller (101N2742)

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