Secop XV Compressor

Extremely Small / Extremely Efficient / Extremely Light / Extremely Flexible – 11.09.2013 The New XV Compressor – Small is the New Big

Compressor size has always been an important topic in the household compressor business. It is quite simple. The larger the compressor is, the more it decreases the cooling volume in the cabinet.

Furthermore, large compressors have for many years kept preventing the business from serious innovation and the possibility to rethink household products.

Over time there have been several attempts to reach below the magic 100 mm height mark. It has now finally been achieved with the Secop XV compressor that manages to be exactly 100 mm high with rubber grommets.

Please visit our XV-KX Compressors page for additional information and download our new XV brochure or the latest data sheets and technical literature.


  • Extremely small - Extremely efficient
  • Extremely silent - Extremely flexible
  • Building a new Cool for the Future
  • Never has anything so small perforemd so great
  • The Evolution of Revolution
  • Technical Data