Variable-Speed Drive Software – 23.01.2023 Tool4Cool Product Keys and Parameter Definition Files Available Online

Secop recently updated its Tool4Cool webpage for variable-speed drive software and made Parameter Definition Files as well as Product Keys available for download to further extend the use of the free Tool4Cool software.

Since their introduction, all variable-speed drive compressors, both DC and AC, have been operated by configurable controllers.

To date, all DC controllers include a factory programmed and integrated parameter definition file. AC controllers, which offer a variety of configuration options, did not come with a pre-programmed parameter definition file.

As development progresses day by day and features and thus parameter sets expand, the need arose for an easy-to-use and up-to-date way to successfully reach all users of the controllers and Tool4Cool.

The Tool4Cool page will contain all released parameters.

Secop Variable-Speed Compressors