Optimized for Propane – 29.05.2023 Upgraded KL-Series for LBP and MBP Applications

Secop’s upgraded KLF-CND 220-240V 50Hz range is now available. It covers a wider range and fulfils both MBP and LBP application needs.
Our customers can now benefit from additional savings by optimizing logistics and storage costs.
The new premium propane KL-Series compressors are designed for green and efficient cabinets. They offer a reliable, top-performing, and cost-effective solution and are an ideal choice for food retail and food service applications.

The KL-Series comes with a patented hermetic terminal plug designed to increase robustness for usage with flammable refrigerants.

Secop has also launched four new condensing units featuring the new KL compressors range. Please visit our Condensing Units page to view our extensive technical literature, including a Quick Reference brochure, data sheets, instructions, and 3D CAD files.
Combining efficiency and reliability as well as easy installation and maintenance, Secop condensing units range offers valuable savings no matter the application or operating conditions.
Secop condensing units are designed to comply with global energy regulations. This includes the latest European Ecodesign directives that now brings a higher level of environmental performance to our products.

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