Robust Solution for Food Retail and Food Service Applications – 26.02.2024 KLF-CNDS and KLF-CNHS Propane Compressors

Secop has developed robust solution for food retail and food service application that integrates various technical innovations to provide better performance, noise, and reliability. A Dedicated and reliable design for ice makers, coolers, and freezers (LBP and MBP applications) and is also suitable for food service applications.

The KL-Series also includes an innovative patented hermetic terminal plug that prevents root causes for electrical arcs better. It also sets a benchmark in the industry when it comes to designing reliable systems with flammable refrigerants.

The newly introduced types

  • KLF-CNDS for 220-240 V, 50 Hz
  • KLF-CNHS for 115-127 V, 60 Hz

have an optimized muffler system specially developed for applications with rapid load changes and extreme liquid return conditions. It increases the robustness and reliability of the cooling system against this type of overload.
With these compressors, it is possible to remove ice from the evaporator surfaces by hot gas defrosting.

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