KL-Series Compressors for R290 (Propane)

Secop’s new KL-Series is based on the very successful K-Series, Secop’s core product for residential applications, with more than 50 million units installed.

A New Premium Propane Solution for Green and Efficient Cabinets

The KL-Series was developed to offer a reliable, top performing, and cost-effective solution for the next generation of light commercial cabinets using environmentally friendly refrigerant propane and offering high energy efficiency.

Secop’s new KL-Series integrates various technical innovations specifically developed by Secop’s engineers for commercial applications and optimized for propane refrigerant: noise-reducing shell, robust suspension, robust internal discharge tube, improved valves, optimized motors, and a new muffler for lower noise levels.

The KL-Series includes an innovative patented hermetic terminal plug. Backed by years of experience with hydrocarbons refrigerants, testing of R290 solutions, and optimization of system conversion from HFC to HC refrigerants, Secop has developed a new design for terminal plugs to prevent root causes for electrical arcs injection with flammable refrigerants. This has set a benchmark in the industry to support the design of reliable systems with new flammable refrigerants.

The range available includes R290 models from 4.0 to 7.7 cm3 displacement with a cooling capacity range of 183 to 395 W for LBP applications and 336 to 704 W for MBP applications.

Tropical dual frequency KLF-CNT compressors can be operated with supply voltages of 187-254 V, 50 Hz or 198-253 V, 60 Hz. KL-CNT type compressors are designed to support regions that face harsh and challenging environments and where voltage fluctuations as well as high ambient temperatures need to be taken into account.

KLF-CNDS for 220-240 V, 50 Hz and KLF-CNHS for 115-127 V, 60 Hz types have an optimized muffler system specially developed for applications with rapid load changes and extreme liquid return conditions. It increases the robustness and reliability of the cooling system against this type of overload. With these compressors, it is possible to remove ice from the evaporator surfaces by hot gas defrosting.

Features – Benefits in Detail

  • Premium Robustness – The KL-Series features the tried and trusted quality of our K-Series optimized for light commercial applications
  • Robust Solution for Food Retail and Food Service Applications – Dedicated reliable design for bottle coolers, glass door merchandisers, and ice cream freezers (LBP and MBP applications) and suitable for food service applications
  • Superior Efficiency – High COP and top efficiency for light commercial applications with low GWP refrigerant propane (R290)
  • Innovative Solution for Flammable Refrigerants – Including a patented solution to increase robustness using propane that has been subject to extensive testing at Secop
  • Easier Application Assembly – New terminal board design for additional interconnections
  • Reduced Noise Level – Improved noise and reduced vibration, a new benchmark level for hydrocarbon refrigerants

Chillventa 2022 Interview

The new KL-Series, optimized for R290 with an innovative terminal plug for flammable refrigerants; the new electronic control unit, a modular concept with additional features for electronically controlled compressors NLV and SLVE, and the SLVE18CN, a powerful electronically controlled R290 high-capacity compressor.
Sam Huffman from Secop sales team described at Chillventa 2022 the main features of the Secop compressor range for food and beverage as well as new solutions for light commercial applications.

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