A New Premium Propane Solution for Green and Efficient Cabinets – 07.12.2023 New KL-Series Compressors for Harsh and Challenging Environments

Secop has developed a robust series for commercial refrigeration that integrates various technical innovations to provide better performance, noise, and reliability.

The KL-Series also includes an innovative patented hermetic terminal plug that prevents root causes for electrical arcs better. It also sets a benchmark in the industry when it comes to designing reliable systems with flammable refrigerants.

The new tropical dual frequency KLF4.8CNT and KLF5.6CNT compressors can be operated with supply voltages of 187-254 V/50 Hz or 198-253 V/60 Hz.

KL-CNT type compressors are designed to support regions that face harsh and challenging environments and where voltage fluctuations as well as high ambient temperatures need to be taken into account.

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