Press Release – 02.10.2018 Nidec Global Appliance Compressors at Chillventa 2018

October 2, 2018 – Nidec Global Appliance Compressors (formerly Secop and formerly known as Danfoss Compressors), a forerunner in advanced refrigeration compressor technology with more than 60 years of innovation, will showcase its latest developments at the Chillventa 2018. The exhibition will take place from October 16 to 18, 2018, in Nuremberg. The company can be found in Hall 7A, Booth 208.
The products will highlight the company’s commitment to energy efficiency, natural refrigerants, and the electronic technology of the variable speed compressors. The booth will exhibit the key products for three segments: Light Commercial, Household and DC-Powered Refrigeration.

Product Highlights at the Exhibition
For Light Commercial applications, the company will be showcasing the top efficiency variable speed compressors DLV, NLV, and SLV with propane (R290). The new NLV can operate using multiple voltages, allowing application on a global scale. The variable speed drive enables a needs-based adjustment of cooling capacity and ensures high efficiency even for partial load operations. Compared to fixed speed compressors, Nidec-Secop variable speed compressors can achieve energy savings of up to 40 percent. Fixed speed compressors with high efficiency and R290 comprise the DLE, NLE, and SCE series. For robust operation in harsh environments, the DLE and NLE models are able to operate in dual frequency (50-60Hz), in a wide voltage range and high ambient temperature.
The best options for the Household products are the variable speed compressors, which feature unmatched efficiency, silent operation, a compact size, are lightweight, and use the natural refrigerant isobutane (R600a). Going beyond the already established XV line, Nidec will be presenting the new innovative DELTA Variable Speed.
In keeping with the consolidated tradition in the solar and mobile refrigeration market, the DC-Powered products in the BD series are available in different sizes. The new BD50K will be launched and offers increased cooling capacity of the original BD range with the natural refrigerant R600a.
Visitors can experience firsthand the tried and trusted Product Selector at the Nidec booth which offers all technical specifications of any model released by the company.

Pioneers in Technology
Nidec Global Appliance Compressors has a successful and long-standing track record in pioneering modern compressor technology. The company got its origins in Danfoss Compressors and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of efficient and innovative compressor solutions.
In the 1970s, the standard setting platform for the Light Commercial market, the SC series was born. In the same decade the BD series brought reliable refrigeration to mobile applications. The company began using environmentally friendly hydrocarbons R290 (propane) and R600a (isobutane) as cooling agents as early as the 1990s. And with the introduction of variable speed compressors in the same decade, the company became a technological pioneer in its field. In 2013, the company made another innovative leap. The flat design of XV-compressors made it possible to increase the effective net volume of refrigerated cabinets by up to 20 liters.
With over 1,800 employees, Nidec Global Appliance Compressors supplies customers worldwide. The focal points are energy efficiency improvement, environmental impact reduction, food preservation, and noise reduction. The company has manufacturing facilities in three locations: Zlaté Moravce in Slovakia, Tianjin in China, and Fürstenfeld in Austria.

About Nidec Global Appliance Compressors (formerly Secop)
Nidec Global Appliance Compressors is a leading compressor manufacturer committed to developing and supporting technologies and products that promote energy efficiency. The company is active in the Household, Light Commercial, and DC-Powered refrigeration segments and has developed a range of compressors which operate with the use of hydrocarbons, R600a (isobutane) and R290 (propane). From August 1, 2017, Secop has been a part of the Nidec Global Appliance.

About Nidec Group
In 1973, Shigenobu Nagamori, current Chairman of the Board, President & CEO, established Nippon Densan Corporation (now Nidec Corporation) in Nishikyoku, Kyoto, Japan.
Today, Nidec Corporation, the world’s No.1 comprehensive motor manufacturer, is closely associated with more than 300 group companies all over the world.
The Nidec Group specializes and handles motor application products based on “everything that spins and moves”, focusing on a motor business that comprises an expansive product line from small precision to supersized motors. These products are used in a wide range of objects and devices around us that are valuable to our lives and society. Nidec’s leadership in the global motor & controls business combined with Secop’s leading position in the global refrigeration compressor market makes us confident about key synergies and unique growth opportunities in the future.

About Chillventa
Chillventa is one of the most important events in the world for refrigeration, air-conditioning, ventilation, and heat pumps. The exhibition is held in Nuremberg, Germany. In 2016, it boasted 981 exhibitors and more than 32,000 visitors.

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