Press Release – 13.10.2020 Secop Austria GmbH Opens Research Center in Gleisdorf

Innovative Research Facility in Styria
Compressor manufacturer Secop to conduct research and work from a new location in Gleisdorf, Austria. The official opening of the new location in Gleisdorf Mühlwaldstraße took place today. As one of the central research facilities for the international Secop Group, Gleisdorf will be home to innovative research in the field of compressor technology at the global level in the future.

Some 45 new jobs will be created in Gleisdorf, with a large proportion of the employees to be taken over from the previous location in Fürstenfeld. The Secop site in Fürstenfeld will be closed as previously communicated. This opening marks the completion of the restructuring of Secop Austria GmbH.

Fabricio Possamai, Managing Director of Secop Austria GmbH and Global Head of R&D at the Secop Group explains, “Following a challenging period which brought wit it a change in the global production chain and the relocation of production, the move from Fürstenfeld to Gleisdorf signifies a new start for Secop Austria GmbH. Our aim is to conduct innovative research in Gleisdorf at the global level in the field of compressor technology and to further extend Secop’s position as technological leader. In the future, the focus of our research will be on the business segments Stationary Cooling and Mobile Cooling. This in line with our goal to concentrate our research efforts even more on our core businesses and applies to both commercial applications and special applications such as mobile solutions. Secop Group is currently working on developing new innovative platforms for both segments. We will continue our research in Styria so that we can offer our customers the best technology possible in these business segments.”

Michael Kohlmaier, Managing Director of Secop Austria GmbH adds, “The opening of our new research center in Gleisdorf today marks the beginning of a new chapter for Secop Austria GmbH. In addition to featuring a modern building and highly trained specialists, the favorable transportation links as well as support by the city and state of Styria speak for the location. I would like to thank all of our employees for their dedication and commitment even at the new location and the Styrian government for the active support.”

International Research Network
Working closely together with Secop’s headquarters in Flensburg, Germany, the Secop research site in Gleisdorf will become part of an international research network in the field of compressor technology that will support all Secop production sites worldwide. Some 155 Secop engineers are currently working at the global level to establish new industry standards for all platforms.

Secop’s research team also cooperates with a network of leading research institutes and universities such as the Fraunhofer Institute and Graz University of Technology to pool resources and knowledge. Thanks to its 60 years of extensive experience, Secop is known today as a global leader in cooling technology and holds around 450 patents in this field.

About the Secop Group
Secop is the expert for advanced hermetic compressor technologies and cooling solutions in commercial refrigeration. We develop high performance stationary and mobile cooling solutions for leading international commercial refrigeration manufacturers and are the first choice when it comes to leading hermetic compressors and electronic controls for refrigeration solutions in the light commercial and dc-powered segments.
The group has 1,350 employees worldwide with production sites in Slovakia and China as well as research centers in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, China, and the USA.
Secop has belonged to the ESSVP IV fund since September 2019.

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