Secop Sponsors World Refrigeration Day – 26.06.2024 World Refrigeration Day on 26 June

Secop is committed to a more sustainable, cooled world and supports World Refrigeration Day!
We often take the relevance of refrigeration for granted, but its influence in everyday life is high.Refrigeration keeps food fresh from the countryside and beverages cooled in our homes. It ensures food safety and allows us to enjoy food and drinks.
But let's consider other uses, such as vaccines and blood storage. Precise temperature control is crucial for preserving the integrity and effectiveness of medicines and ensuring that patients receive the treatment they need.
On the other side, refrigerators use refrigerants that contribute to GWP and consume energy to generate cold. It's also crucial to have Sustainable Cooling Solutions.
Investing in efficient and sustainable refrigeration technologies is critical to reducing food waste and environmental impact, ensuring a healthier future for future generations.

"Temperature Matters" Absolutely!

World Refrigeration Day is an international awareness campaign established by the World Refrigeration Day Secretariat to raise the profile of the refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat-pump sector and focuses attention on the significant role that the industry and its technology play in modern life and society. It draws attention to wonderful engineering and science that is all around us every day. Refrigeration is at the very heart of modern life. It enables people to live, travel and work comfortably.
It saves lives. It enables people to achieve.
World Refrigeration Day is held annually on 26 June. The day was chosen to celebrate the birth date of Lord Kelvin on 26 June 1824.

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