Identity Our World and Our people

At Secop, we are committed to our industry and are genuinely passionate about the difference we can make for our customers. We understand their business and objectives and the challenges of today's world of refrigeration and cooling systems.

We work in a straightforward way – open, direct, and honest because we want to make things clear and easy.

Our people are committed to increasing value for our customers and constantly strive for better performance, knowing that our own progression and success is dependent on theirs.

We are commited to leading the industry ...

... and delivering performance that sets standards ...

... never just standard practice

Our People Ethics

Working in a true global environment with different cultural backgrounds, all Secop employees work together to achieve the same goals in our day-to-day business life. That's why our people conduct our business activities and daily work according to the same ethical rules and guidelines.

Secop is committed to conducting business in an ethical and legal manner throughout the world. Secop’s managers, employees, agents, and representatives are expected to act in accordance with the highest ethical and legal standards in all aspects of their business activities.

Secop also expects the suppliers, independent contractors, and customers with whom we do business adopt and to conform to similar values and standards.

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