Secop (Formerly Known as Danfoss Compressors) Who We Are

Secop is the expert for advanced hermetic compressor technologies and cooling solutions in commercial refrigeration. We develop high performance stationary and mobile cooling solutions for leading international commercial refrigeration businesses.
The Secop Group designs and manufactures hermetic compressors and electronic controls for refrigeration solutions in the Stationary Cooling and Mobile Cooling segments.
Our Stationary Cooling business segment (AC-supply compressors for static applications) encompasses compressors for light commercial applications in food retail, food service, merchandisers, medical, and special applications including selected residential applications.
Our Mobile Cooling business segment (Battery-Driven DC-supply for mobile applications) is the global leader in high-performance hermetic DC compressors for automotive, trucks, recreation vehicles, portable boxes, solar, and other mobile applications.
We are the first choice in leading-edge refrigeration solutions.
Secop delivers advanced refrigeration compressors and controls, providing customers tailored sustainable solutions for light commercial, battery driven, and special cooling applications.
We have a long track record in energy-efficient and green refrigerants projects with innovative solutions for both compressors and control electronics.
The group has 1,350 employees worldwide with production sites in Slovakia and China as well as research centers in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, China, and the USA including a dedicated motor competence center (MCC) to support the development of electronics and motor controls.
Secop has belonged to the ESSVP IV fund since September 2019.

Core Businesses and Products

Stationary Cooling
Refrigeration compressors and solutions for food retail, food service, medical, commercial freezers or coolers, beverage dispensers, special commercial equipment, and selected residential applications

Mobile Cooling
DC-powered or battery-driven compressors specifically designed for mobile cooling solutions: auto­motive (trucks, cars, bus), recreations vehicles, portable boxes, medical, solar, and special applications

Medical Cooling
Refrigeration compressors and solutions for various vaccine and biomedical cooling requirements including ultra-low temperature models for stationary or mobile appliances providing world-wide safe storage or transport at different temperature levels

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