Nidec GA Compressors (formerly Secop) Who We Are

Nidec GA Compressors is the expert in advanced compressor technologies. We create and support solutions that set the performance standard for leading businesses around the world.

Within our core application areas Household, Light Commercial, and DC-Powered, we are dedicated to continue creating and supporting intelligent solutions that shape the businesses and marketplaces of our customers.

We want to be recognized as a fast, responsive, straightforward, and reliable long-term partner who is committed to constantly increasing value for our customers.

In 2010, the German holding company AURELIUS AG acquired Danfoss Household Compressors from Denmark's Danfoss Group. After this takeover, the Danfoss Household Compressors GmbH's name was changed to Secop GmbH.

On August 1, 2017, Nidec successfully acquired the German compressor manufacturer Secop.

A Newcomer with 60 Years of Experience

A Newcomer with 60 Years of Experience

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Our Application Areas

We provide energy-efficient compressor solutions for our three strategic market segments by utlizing synergies in technology development and production footprint.
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We set new standards in energy efficiency, creating insightful product opportunities and enhanced value for your business.

Light Commercial

We provide the most advanced, effective, and cost-efficient solutions, backed by excellent service that will inspire confidence for you and your customers.


With a focus on understanding your customers, we work smoothly with you and are committed to building your business success.

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