China International Exhibition Center Beijing, April 8–10 – 05.04.2024 Secop at 2024 China Refrigeration Exhibition

Secop, the global expert in advanced compressor technologies will present innovative solutions at the CR2024. Meet us at Booth E2B51, Hall E2.

Stationary Cooling

The Secop team will introduce the new solutions for different core applications for the light commercial market segment with the main focus on food service and food retail applications.

New SCE Stretch range: Secop will showcase for the first time its new large-displacement range optimized for R290, the energy-efficient product series SCE Stretch. This compressor series, that extends the reliable S platform to 23 and 25cc displacement, offers excellent efficiency, a high start-up capability, and is resistant to extreme liquid returns, and includes a special solution for a safe use of flammable hydrocarbons refrigerants. This new range, green and efficient, received the “China Refrigeration Innovation Award 2024”!

KLF R290: The KL-Series has been developed to be a reliable, top-performing, and is R290-optimized for the next generation of light commercial cabinets by using environmentally friendly refrigerant propane and offering great energy efficiency. A patented hermetic terminal plug has been integrated into the design to increase robustness for use with flammable refrigerants.

New electronic control units for variable speed compressors: Secop will also exhibit the new generation of modular electronically controlled compressors. A new version of the modular controller with basic functionalities will be on display at the booth, in addition to the XT (Extended) controller model, the version with the full set of features: speed control through closed-loop-control, serial communication, additional monitoring options, connectivity, and customization of I/O for specific system needs. The XT controllers can be used with all voltages and frequencies globally with premium robustness and safety: fire-proof IP54 housing, PCB coating, high starting torque, galvanic isolated I/Os, and SW safety layers.

Mobile Cooling

For the DC battery-driven segment, Secop will present the BD Nano, with a focus on the latest version dedicated to the automotive applications and electric cars. In the electric car zone, visitors will see the physical display of a car refrigerator, which is one of the “three new items” of new energy vehicles and experience a luxury car close up.

BD Nano is the perfect cooling solution for automotive refrigerators with a new dedicated electronic control unit. The compressor BDN45F-A from the new BD Nano-Series has been optimized for R134a/R1234yf refrigerants and offers premium cooling performance, excellent efficiency, and low noise and vibration levels in a compact design. The latest version of the BD Nano platform comes with a new electronic control unit that is dedicated to cooling solutions for automotive applications such as refrigerators for passenger cars, those powered by electric traction engines and internal combustion engines, as well as trucks, and buses.

Medical Cooling

Secop has developed new electronic controlled ultra-low temperature compressors and condensing units for medical applications. These compressors are significantly more efficient and come with additional features for the next generation of medical cold chain cabinets. Visitors can experience our medical products range including the MS21UDULTM and MP2UVULTM and the new MN13UVULTM medical variable-speed compressor at the booth.

Other Activities During the Exhibition

  • During the Compressor Application Technology - R290 Compressor Roadshow a seminar will be held with a report titled “Customer Value of Propane Compressor and System Optimization Solutions”.
  • During the Ozone Climate Technology Roadshow visitors can see a more detailed solution of Secop’s intelligent inverter compressors.