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Biomedical companies, laboratories, medical storage centers, hospitals, and medical facilities store, process, and transport highly sensitive substances. This includes pharmaceuticals, vaccines, cells, genes, blood, etc. The reliability of their cooling equipment is essential to ensure the quality and usability of the stored assets. Refrigerated equipment is also required to maintain very constant temperatures. Even small deviations in temperature can affect the storage life and effectiveness of the medical substances.

Our compressors and electronic controls provide the principal components required to precisely preserve highly valuable biomedical goods. These components are used in a broad range of applications and temperature levels inside the world-wide supply chain of biomedical processing, transport, and storage. Low energy consumption, in combination with Secop’s commitment to natural refrigerants, provides a sustainable solution for the many different demands in temperature conditions and sizes of these medical appliances.

The compressor families of the BD-, T-, D-, N-, S-, and G-Series perform on a superior level in these critical applications. This can be taken to an even higher level when combined with our premium variable-speed drive controls. These °CCD® (Cool Capacity Drive) controllers have the ability to adapt the cooling capacity and provide other benefits, including protection when used in regions that experience an unstable voltage supply.

Secop has developed the technology for an ultra-low temperature cooling system. This system has been optimized for the last mile of distribution for the new generations of vaccines and offers mobile operation even in high ambient conditions such as in tropical areas. Secop’s experience in medical applications, vaccine solar freezers, and mobile solutions enables the company to develop products like the MP2UVULTM compressor, specifically designed to support battery-driven active cooling systems. Active solutions for transporting vaccines provide plenty of advantages compared to passive cooling (dry ice) transport boxes. They do not require huge quantities of dry ice, are re-usable, do not waste tons of CO2, prevent risks of wasting vaccine, and are suitable for transportation in remote areas where ambient conditions are severe.

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Ultra-Low Temperature Active Medical Cooling Technology

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