Secop Household Refrigeration

We have more than 60 years of experience designing and delivering intelligent compressor solutions for medium and high-end household (HH) refrigeration appliances. Our knowledge and expertise as well as our understanding of market needs has given us a strong foundation to set new standards in our industry. We are dedicated to creating insightful and efficient product opportunities that enhance value for your business.

What drives us is the ambition to deliver excellence and to push refrigeration technology in a more sustainable direction. It means that all our solutions for household refrigeration are characterized by outstanding energy efficiency, reduced emissions, and natural refrigerants (hydrocarbons).

An important part of these environmentally friendly standards are the award-winning Secop variable-speed compressors for both new applications and regions. Compared to fixed-speed compressors the variable-speed technology from Secop can save up to 40% for an operator in the household refrigeration market. 

Optimization and efficiency developed in close cooperation with market-leading customers is what defines our reputation as the world’s most advanced provider of high-performing compressor solutions.

At Secop, we never stand still. Leading-edge innovation is in our lifeblood and enables us to keep our clients ahead, while keeping us at the forefront of technology.

To learn more about our latest products and how we can bring you ahead, please contact our Product Support.

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